School Partner Spotlight: Legacy Early College

Legacy Early College originated in 2010 through the vision of William Brown, a lifelong advocate of education, and it was formed to serve “The Legacy Zone,” an area comprising three of Greenville County’s most historically underserved communities. Ten years ago, students from The Legacy Zone had the highest high school dropout rate in Greenville County with graduation rates as low as 50%.

Today, 100% of Legacy’s high school graduates have been accepted to college because of their transformative educational model.

A public charter school, Legacy Early College’s educational model combines academic excellence, nutrition, and fitness, and their students, or scholars, are also taught core social, relationship, and emotional skills. Their staff teaches the whole child.

Another differentiator is how Legacy Early College supports scholars through college. After high school graduation, scholars are visited by Legacy’s alumni director each year to support their college journey.

Through TFASC’s Upstate Expansion Initiative, we have placed 18 teachers at Legacy Early College since our partnership began in 2019. We look forward to also partnering with Legacy to host Pre-Service, our intensive summer training program that provides our teachers with instructional and pedagogical best practices before they enter the classroom.

Left to Right, Back Row: TFASC Teacher Deion Jamison, Legacy Early College Founder and Board Chair William Brown, TFASC Executive Director Troy D. Evans, Meeting Street Schools Former Executive Director Amy Mims, Greenville Mayor Knox White, and Clemson University Chief Diversity Officer Lee A. Gill
As educators, we have to strive to do better, to be better, and to be the change we want to see in the world. We must fight for justice in our schools. I’m truly inspired by the success of our teachers and scholars at Legacy Early College.
— William W. Brown
Founder and Board Chair, Legacy Early College
When we think about educational excellence and equity, Legacy Early College immediately comes to mind.
— Tess Holt
Senior Managing Director of Leadership Development, TFASC

School Partner Spotlight: Rosenwald Elementary and Middle School

Rosenwald Elementary and Middle School (REMS) is part of the Rosenwald Schools legacy when Julius Rosenwald of Sears, Roebuck, and Company and Booker T. Washington of the Tuskegee Institute partnered to build thousands of state-of-the-art schools in the early 20th century for the education of African American children across the South.

REMS is a student-centered and family-centered school that is committed to developing the whole child and building a community of lifelong learners. Serving 150 students from pre-K to eighth grade, REMS is located in a rural area within the northernmost part of the Darlington County School District.

In recent years, REMS earned three Palmetto Gold and Silver Awards for academic achievement, and 64% of the school’s students showed progress in English and math compared to their peers across the state.

Another distinction is that when REMS students leave the eighth grade, they are expected to have visited at least five colleges and universities. Brittany Gendron, a TFASC teacher at REMS, organized out-of-state trips for students to visit colleges, universities, and museums – as the school also encourages experiential learning on field trips.

Gendron is one of six TFASC teachers who taught at REMS since our partnership began in 2011. TFASC Teachers Keith Fraser, Sydney Gordon, Laura Hutelmyer, Courtney Knight, and Nicola Wynn, who was named Darlington County’s Outstanding First-Year Teacher, were also placed at REMS. Five of these six teachers stayed at the school beyond their initial two-year commitment with TFASC.

REMS Principal Kimberly Sutton Mason at the front of the classroom. “We include our community in everything we do. For instance, our schoolwide events are planned with students’ families in mind. When our children learn, our families learn, and we are dedicated to raising consciousness of the entire family.”
Our TFASC teachers are the ‘best of the best.’ These young leaders infused a momentum in our school culture that was unstoppable and undeniable for the good of our students, our school, and our community.
— Kimberly Sutton Mason
Principal, REMS
REMS is a model partner because there’s only one Mrs. Mason. She advocates for our shared vision and is enthusiastic when our teachers are placed at her school.
— Tess Holt
Senior Managing Director of Leadership Development, TFASC