The theme of DiscussED, “The Future of Education: 2040 and Beyond,” will explore the creation of a drastically different educational experience. A new education for a new time.

Children born next year will graduate from high school in 2040, and the world they’ll enter as adults will have radically transformed. How do we prepare tomorrow’s students, especially those from underserved communities, for success in our evolving world?

Following the opening keynote, there will be five working groups with corporate, education, legislative, and nonprofit leaders as well as Teach For America teachers, alumni, and staff on the following topics:

  1. Leveraging Community Partnerships – How do we leverage community-based organizations and resources to support the whole child in a drastically different educational environment?
  2. Preparing for 2045 – By 2045, people of color will become the majority in the United States. How do we educate and prepare a population for the demographic dynamics of the future?
  3. Evolving Curriculum – How do we shift curriculum to prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow? Also, how will technology play a factor in the digital learning frontier?
  4. Redesigning Instructional Time – Our education system was designed to address the needs of an agricultural economy. How do we reimagine the school day and school year to better support students, families, and educators and achieve educational excellence in the future?
  5. Restructuring Economics – How do we restructure financial resources and allocations to address the funding disparities between schools and school districts?