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New Teacher Academy

Discover how the New Teacher Academy increases early career teacher retention and effectiveness in South Carolina.

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What is the New Teacher Academy?

TFASC brings our expertise in new teacher development to all first- and second-year educators in partner school districts through the New Teacher Academy.

As a participant, you attend summer teacher training, cohort meetings, and coaching sessions where you build competencies that result in higher teacher retention and student achievement.

“The New Teacher Academy seemed to be exactly what our early career educators needed, especially during an exceptionally hard year in education.”

Cliff Warren
Former Assistant Superintendent and Director of
Human Resources, Colleton County School District

How is the academy structured?

The New Teacher Academy curriculum, which is co-created with our partner school district, has three foundations:
Instructional Skills and Best Practices
Teacher Wellness and Emotional Resilience
Mentorship and Community Leadership
Before your first day of school, you attend a consolidated version of TFASC’s summer teacher training that focuses on understanding your school and community history, building relationships, developing parent-teacher communication strategies, and more.
Over the next two years, we complement your initial preparation with ongoing professional development through monthly cohort meetings and coaching sessions. Professional development topics include motivating students, utilizing data to drive instruction, communicating with purpose, and student-centered learning in practice.

92% of participants felt that the New Teacher Academy supported their growth and development as a professional educator.

Who is the academy designed for?

All first- and second-year teachers at partner school districts

What are the benefits as a participant?

Extensive training, coaching, and professional development opportunities alongside your cohort
TFASC Induction

Interested in participating?

Your school district will need to partner with TFASC for the New Teacher Academy to be offered at your school. Contact Kristina Yates at kristina.yates@teachforamerica.org if you have any questions.

Interested in becoming a partner?

The New Teacher Academy was piloted with the Colleton County School District during the 2021-2022 school year. Moving forward, we seek to scale the program with the goal of providing support to more school districts and early career educators.
Contact Kristina Yates at kristina.yates@teachforamerica.org if you are interested in offering the New Teacher Academy to early career educators at your school district.

Interested in becoming a supporter?

Additional support from donors is needed to scale the New Teacher Academy and support more early career educators across the state. Contact Karl Brady at karl.brady@teachforamerica.org if you are interested in funding the program to amplify our impact.
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74% of program participants returned to a teaching position in the same school district the following year.