Teal Circle

Mission & Vision

We believe in the potential of all children and their right to an excellent education in South Carolina.

our mission

Our Mission

To find, develop, and support a diverse network of leaders who expand opportunity for children in classrooms, schools, and every sector and field that shape the broader systems in which schools operate.

our vision

Our Vision

One day, all children in South Carolina will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.

TFASC Upstate Expansion Initiative

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion is at the center of our mission. Realizing educational excellence and equity will take a broad coalition of people united around a common purpose and shared values.
In all that we do, we act on the following beliefs:
  • Diversity is crucial for successful change efforts and is one of our greatest strengths.
  • The full potential of our diverse network will be reached only when we are an inclusive community.
  • The predictability of success or failure for our students or individuals in our organization should not correlate with any social, cultural, or other identity-based factors.

Our Values

Our Past and Future

In 2011, TFASC was founded on a belief in the potential of all children and their right to an excellent education in South Carolina. Since our inception, the catalytic impact of our teachers’ energy and intentionality has been significant at schools with the greatest needs.
The 2021-2022 school year marked our 10-year anniversary. To commemorate our “10 Years of Intentionality,” we will announce our evolving statewide goals that align with TFA’s national strategy. As our goals shift, our programs will expand to best meet the needs of South Carolina’s students and communities.
Additional support from donors will be crucial to make our goals and programs a reality and to amplify our impact over the next decade in South Carolina. With your support, TFASC will reach more students and communities by continuing to:
Keiada Holmes L (1)

Recruit teachers

Recruit both early career and veteran educators to teach in South Carolina.

prepare teachers

Prepare our teachers to deliver high-quality instruction that allows for their students to excel.

Retain teachers

Retain our educators to consistently maintain high-quality teaching and learning at schools that desperately need tenured teachers in place.

“We will have failed our children if this next decade is not transformational, if we don’t radically change what’s possible for all students.”

Elisa Villanueva Beard