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“TFASC’s ongoing support helped me to achieve the best results in my classroom, and their resources proved to be effective every single time.”

Deion Jamison 
TFASC Teacher 
2023 South Carolina Teacher of the Year

TFASC Schools and Classrooms

Do you believe that every child deserves an excellent education?

TFASC removes barriers to enter the teaching profession, provides pathways to teacher certification, and offers intensive support that enables you to make a significant impact in your classroom and community.

By joining our movement, you make a commitment to teach at an under-resourced school in South Carolina – partnering with your school community to ensure a better future for your students. You also gain access to our coaching and training resources and a statewide network of like-minded educational equity advocates.


Do you need to hire or train teachers at your school district?

We’re your partner to hire highly talented teachers at your school district, then provide them with support and pathways to certification as needed. Nine out of 10 principals surveyed said that TFASC teachers were effective at delivering academic instruction, maintained a positive learning environment, and fit well within their school’s culture.

We also offer new teacher development training for your first- and second-year educators. This training will build their competencies, resulting in higher student achievement and teacher retention.


Do you think public education is a wise investment?

Many public schools are facing a teacher shortage crisis in South Carolina. But together, we can help solve it. 

Your financial support helps us to recruit, prepare, and retain more high-quality teachers across the state. When you donate to TFASC, 90 cents of every dollar are invested in expanding our teacher training programs to reach more students and communities. Excellent teachers are the key to improving education and preparing all students to be college- or career-ready.

Our Decade of Impact

Since our inception in 2011, TFASC has worked intentionally to recruit, prepare, and retain high-quality teachers who transform student outcomes in the state’s most under-resourced schools and school districts. 

Here’s a look at our decade of impact to help solve the educational challenges in South Carolina:


teachers recruited and trained by TFASC

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students impacted by TFASC teachers

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hours of teacher training provided by TFASC


school districts partnered with TFASC

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of principals said TFASC teachers were effective at delivering academic instruction

Our Publications

Read our latest publications that feature our collective impact and insights as we work toward educational equity and systems change in South Carolina. 

10-Year Anniversary
Reflection Guide

reflection guide
This reflection guide highlights 50 impact spotlight honorees and several celebration events during our 10-year anniversary campaign, “10 Years of Intentionality.”

2022 DiscussED
White Paper

white paper
This white paper, “The Future of Education: 2040 and Beyond,” summarizes key ideas and actions from our inaugural DiscussED forum to help solve the educational issues of today and tomorrow.

Annual Report

tfa 2021 annual report
In TFASC’s 2020-2021 annual report, “Leading Through Crisis,” we spotlight our collective impact – thanks to your support – and discuss how to scale our impact in a rapidly changing world.

Our Changemakers

In celebration of our 10-year anniversary, we recognized 50 leaders of our movement who made our impact possible.

Here’s a look at one of our impact spotlights:

Meet TFASC Teacher Quenton Martin

“I believe every child can – with modifications. I feel drawn to where there is a greater need of service.”

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