Meet TFASC Teacher Alexandra Van Valkenburg

Ali Roberts

Alexandra Van Valkenburg Teach For America South Carolina 2013 Teacher, Meeting Street Academy “I truly believe in the transforming power of a good teacher.” Alexandra Roberts Van Valkenburg knows personally how much a good teacher matters. Raised in rural Summertown, Tennessee by parents who did not attend college, she found herself awakened to the possibility … Read more

Meet Supporter Eddie Shuler

Eddie Shuler

Eddie Shuler Principal, Darlington Middle School Eddie Shuler has tattoos on one arm. Three words: Commitment. Attitude. Pride. He has made CAP – the acronym – his guiding principles at Darlington Middle School where he has worked as a principal motivating students, faculty, and staff toward excellence since 2013. “We give out CAPS awards in … Read more

Meet Educational Partner Elrica Glover

Elrica Glover

Elrica Glover Principal, Mellichamp Elementary School Mellichamp Elementary School shows its true colors. On Fridays, third graders – known as Team Perseverance – wear green T-shirts. Fourth graders – Team Grit – proudly sport blue. Fifth graders – Team Fortitude – fly bright red. School staffers dress in team colors too. Mellichamp Principal Elrica Glover … Read more

Meet TFASC Alumna Paige Riggins

Paige Riggins

Paige Riggins Teach For America South Carolina 2016 Equity Specialist, Baltimore City Public Schools In 2016, as a senior at Columbia College, Paige Riggins faced a tough decision. “The murder of Trayvon Martin* in 2012 had a big impact on me,” said Riggins. “He was my age, and what happened to him prompted many questions … Read more

Meet TFASC Teacher Haley Kantor

Haley Kantor

Haley Kantor Teach For America South Carolina 2019 First-Grade Teacher, Meeting Street Elementary @Brentwood As an undergraduate student at Auburn University, Haley Kantor dreamed of a job in education that would “let me do a little more” for students, herself, and the world at large. She found that job in 2019, right out of college, … Read more

Meet Supporter LaTisha Vaughn

LaTisha Vaughn

LaTisha Vaughn Chief Operating Officer, Tri-County Cradle to Career Collaborative LaTisha Vaughn grew up in Kansas City attending a top-tier private school. “My single mom was determined to make sure I had the best education available,” she said. Vaughn studied collegiately to be an accountant, and she spent a short time in that profession. She … Read more

Meet Educational Partner Michael Van Tyne


Michael Van Tyne Teach For America South Carolina 2012 Assistant Principal, Darlington County Virtual Academy Cutting-edge educators in the Darlington County School District are preparing students for success through an entirely new mode of learning: the Darlington County Virtual Academy (DCVA). The DCVA, formed during the Covid pandemic, became the district’s largest ‘branch’ practically overnight, … Read more

Meet TFASC Alumna Rachel Brailov

Rachel Brailov

Rachel Brailov Teach For America South Carolina 2015 Dean of Academics, Compass Collegiate Academy Rachel Brailov always knew she would be a teacher. She had a passion for teaching and learning as a babysitter, a swim instructor, and a camp counselor. At the University of Iowa, she earned a four-year degree in elementary education. But … Read more

Meet TFASC Teacher Quenton Martin

Quenton Martin

By 2017, the bright lights of Nashville were hurting Quenton Martin’s vision. He felt weighed down by bureaucracy at his state job in the Tennessee capital. It paid so poorly that he worked part-time at a pharmacy to make ends meet. He missed Tuscaloosa, his hometown, and Troy University where he graduated cum laude in … Read more

Meet Supporter Ansel Sanders

Ansel Sanders

Ansel Sanders Teach For America Baltimore 2004 Assistant Headmaster and Dean of Students, Woodberry Forest School Ansel Sanders’s quest for innovative, transformative models to support the growth and development of children has driven his professional life. “I’ve always found myself operating in creative spaces that can have a big impact on kids,” he said. The … Read more