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Accelerator Academy

Discover how the Accelerator Academy prepares aspiring leaders to launch impactful education careers through the TFA Corps.

What is the Accelerator Academy?

The Accelerator Academy is an incubator program for equity-minded leaders who seek additional development before joining the TFA Corps, a rigorous alternative teacher certification pathway.

As a participant, you attend a six-week course that sharpens the change management, emotional intelligence, and adaptive leadership skills needed to make an impact in a fast-paced alternative certification route. The program includes leadership development and coaching, targeted application and interview preparation, and exploratory activities to build context around the educational landscape in South Carolina. We also connect you to available resources to meet the state’s teacher certification requirements. 


“We created the Accelerator Academy to provide more aspiring leaders with the support needed to be successful in the TFA Corps – thereby launching their impactful education careers and increasing diversity in South Carolina classrooms.”

Christine Culp
Senior Managing Director, Leadership Development

How is the Accelerator Academy structured?

In 2023, TFASC launched the Accelerator Academy in South Carolina. Backed by TFA’s over 30 years of experience in new teacher development, the Accelerator Academy is structured as follows:
  • Participants attend a six-week course that is offered each fall and spring.
  • Participants join weekly asynchronous content sessions.
  • Participants join a meaning-making space virtually for one hour once a week.
  • Participants meet with a TFA alum mentor for one hour every other week.
ATL Gupta

Who is the Accelerator Academy designed for?

We seek equity-minded changemakers with a desire to teach and lead in South Carolina. The Accelerator Academy is designed for:
  • Undergraduate and graduate students who did not take a traditional education route but are interested in teaching
  • Undergraduate and graduate students who did take a traditional education route and believe in TFASC’s vision
  • Non-certified employees in South Carolina schools and school districts, including paraprofessionals, teaching assistants, and substitute teachers
  • Career changers who are interested in teaching
  • Leaders who have participated in one of our early engagement offerings or partners’ programs, such as TFASC’s Ignite FellowshipChildren’s Defense Fund Freedom Schools, City Year, Reading Partners, Saga Education, and Wings for Kids
  • Aspiring leaders who plan to apply for the TFA Corps

What are the benefits as a participant?

  • Targeted preparation for the TFA Corps application process
  • Continuous learning opportunities alongside your cohort
  • At least a 2.5 undergraduate GPA on a 4.0 scale
  • Ongoing support from a TFA alum mentor
  • Opportunity to network with other participants
  • Connection to available resources, including financial resources, to meet teacher certification requirements
  • Praxis support
Kousha Navidar

How can you apply to participate in the Accelerator Academy?

You can apply here for the next cohort of the Accelerator Academy. The first round of applications are due September 13, 2023.

If you have any questions about the Accelerator Academy, contact Dr. Fraronda Green at fraronda.green@teachforamerica.org.