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South Carolina has faced a teacher shortage crisis for years. But together, we can help solve it.

Join TFASC’s 10-Year Anniversary Celebration, a fundraiser to support our intentional work to retain quality teachers and end educational inequity in South Carolina.

Who We Are

We believe in the potential of all children in South Carolina. Teach For America South Carolina (TFASC) is committed to:

  • Preparing more students to be college- or career-ready by placing our highly trained teachers in schools where the greatest needs are.

  • Engaging our alumni and partner network in educational advocacy.

The Challenge

Poverty status and race continue to be the largest determinants of a student’s educational outcomes in South Carolina. We see that potential is equally distributed across lines of class and race, but opportunity is not. Children who grow up in historically marginalized communities often lack access to resources and opportunities, and they attend schools that are not equipped to meet their needs.

The Opportunity

In the midst of a rapidly changing world, we must ask ourselves:

What is the future of education, and how can we come together to make a significant impact in our classrooms and build a more equitable future?

We need to think and act differently – centering on equity – to increase the pipeline of qualified teachers, close the opportunity gap, and transform student outcomes. The work of TFASC for educational equity within our classrooms, our schools, and our districts has never mattered more.

Our Approach

South Carolina’s educational challenges are deeply rooted. To help solve these challenges, our contribution is through leadership – finding, developing, supporting, and retaining teachers who will advance educational excellence and equity.

We provide intensive support to our teachers early in their careers. Teachers sign a two-year commitment when they join TFASC. Then, they receive ongoing training, coaching, and professional development from TFASC that enables them to improve student performance in the state’s most under-resourced school districts. After successfully completing their initial two-year commitment, many TFASC teachers stay in the classroom and make a career out of teaching. And those who don’t stay in the classroom still gain invaluable first-hand knowledge of what ails our education system and become lifelong advocates for systemic change.

Our Impact


teachers recruited, placed, trained, and provided ongoing support in South Carolina since 2011

0 +

teachers in South Carolina classrooms during the 2020-2021 academic year

0 +

students impacted since 2011


alumni currently living in South Carolina


school district partners since 2011

0 %

of principals said our teachers contributed to a positive, collaborative, and professional culture during the 2019-2020 academic year

0 %

of our teachers decided to extend their initial two-year commitment in South Carolina during the 2019-2020 academic year

0 %

of our teachers achieved over a year's worth of academic growth in their classrooms from 2015 to 2019

Support our network of teachers and change agents who are advancing educational excellence and equity in South Carolina.

Getting It Done, Regardless, in South Carolina

Sixth grade English teacher Quenton Martin (South Carolina ’17) leverages his faith, family, and passion for community to be a light for students to follow.

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